3D printing is a growing part of the education environment. It takes creativity to another level. When a story characters can come to life in a movie, it brings more meaning and ownership to a project.

Design Apps


3D Printing Sculpteo Design Maker
This designing and shaping app turns your Iphone or your Ipad into a sculpture tool, enabling you to create a unique personalized home collection. It’s easy to use with fast tools to help you express your personality in smart objects. Sculpteo then makes them come to life through its 3D-printing cloud engine.

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3D Push
3D Push is a free iOS app that lets a user visualize a STL file on an iPod, iPhone or iPad. The STL file can be an email attachment or located on a website like Thingiverse. The app also enables the user to upload (push) the STL file to their Dropbox.

The STL file format is the most common format used for 3D printing. Using this app a user can inspect all of the aspects of the 3D object on his or her iDevice before printing it out on a 3D printer.

NOTE: In addition to the sample STL provided, the app lets a user visualize STL files that are attached to an email or STL files located on the web.

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Artist3D - Viewer
Artist3D offers entry-level 3D modeling.
Rotate move and scale 3d objects very easily by using your fingers.
Paint directly onto the surfaces of 3d objects.

Artist3D - Viewer is the free viewing version of Artist3D. View any scene that you have created with Artist3D. Artist3D Viewer allows testing the multitouch interface of Artist3D.

Sketch an object by just drawing its outline. Other modeling tools are not included in the Viewer version.

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Build Apps


Design and Build Apps

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Cubify Draw
With Cubify Draw, you can scribble on your iPad and 3D print what you draw!
-Auto complete: Draw any shape and tap "Connect" Cubify Draw automatically connects the lines to make a sealed form.
-Trace: You can bring in an image from your iPad photo library to use as a background guide to trace. Take a photo of your child's favorite character, trace and make it a 3D printable toy.
-Fill: Tap "Fill" to make the outline you draw into a solid shape.
-Freehand mode: Just draw and 3D print. You can sign your signature with your finger and print it in 3D

Once you're done, your shape is automatically transformed into a ready-to-print 3D model. You can adjust the model to make its edges taller or thicker and create signs, keychains, holiday ornaments,pendants, and anything you can imagine!

Cubify Draw connects seamlessly to Cubify.com so you can exports .STL files directly to your account for saving and easy printing or you can have your files sent to you by email. These files are optimized for your Cube at-home 3D printer!

cubify draw-screen.jpg

123D Design
With Autodesk 123D Design you can make your own products, parts, or creations. What you design is up to you.

How it works
  • Get started by choosing one of the basic shapes and then edit it to be just what you want.
  • Easily connect one shape to another to make more detailed creations. Objects snap naturally to the centers of faces.
  • The included parts and example projects are a fun way to play around with design ideas or get acclimated to design concepts.
  • Chose from one of the example kits and start building. Each part is editable so you can try out different ideas and make them your own.
  • Save your creations to My Projects, where you can easily access them in the 123D Design web and desktop apps.
  • Check out projects from other 123D Design users, right in the app. Get inspired by what others have done, or use their shared projects in your own design.

123d design-screen.jpeg
Unlimited building bloks on the go - no clean up, ever.

Blokify let’s builders create blok based models free-form or through a guided building experience. Once the model is complete it can be 3D printed to take the fun from virtual to physical play.

KEY FEATURES3D PRINT YOUR CREATIONS: With one-click wireless printing, you can send your design from within the app to a personal 3D printer. Don’t have a 3D printer, no worries we got you: order your model to be printed through our app and it will be mailed directly to you!

GUIDED BUILDING: Challenge mode brings the fun of guided modeling to the virtual world. Follow our blue print bloks to complete models - complete the model to win diamonds, 3D print them, and save them to your models for endless customization.

SOCIAL SHARING: So that you can build your own modeling community and share your ideas and creations with others.

PLEASE NOTE: Blokify is completely free to play, however some content can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

Free with in-app purchases

Mecube is for everyone. It is extremely quick to learn and intuitive to use. Our goal is to teach the world how to 3D design and 3D print.

Mecube’s unique features are:
• Building blocks with the ability to skew, allowing for more creative designs,
• Universal measurement tool that lets you hold your design as you build
• The ability to share your designs with friends as either a 3D object or 2D photo.


123D Creature
Create fantastic 3D characters like a pro with Autodesk 123D Creature.
Design your creature, then sculpt detailed features and paint on skin, fur, feathers, or whatever you imagine. Export your finished creature as an image or 3D model, or have it 3D printed into a real sculpture!

• Technology previously only available to professional 3D artists can now be easily used by anyone to create incredible 3D creatures from scratch directly on the iPad.
• Biped or quadruped, wings, fins, horns, claws or paws. If you can imagine it you can make it real in 123D Creature.
• Easy to use yet extremely powerful skeleton builder makes creating 3D creatures as easy as drawing a stick figure.
• 3D texturing and painting lets you apply your own photos directly onto the skin of your creature.
• In-app 3D print ordering uses state-of-the-art technology to turn your digital creature into a real physical sculpture you can have delivered to your door!
• Export creatures as OBJ files with textures for use in other 3D tools such as Autodesk Maya or 3ds Max.
• Browse the Community to get inspired and remix creatures made by other users, and share your own original creations.

• Start by creating a skeleton – drag joints to create new limbs, or to adjust their position.
• Adjust the thickness of your creature’s skeleton by dragging the shaping rings.
• 123D Creature will keep your model symmetrical automatically.

123d creature-screen.jpeg

Draw colorful lines and watch them step into the next dimension. Revolved is the best way to create beautiful 3D models. Let your mind flow. Draw curves, choose colors, watch magic happen. Adding another dimension has never been easier. Designed from the ground up with iOS 7 in mind. Minimalistic interface leaves stage to what's most important - your creations. Snap pictures of your models and post them to Twitter and Facebook. Let your friends wrap their heads around your ingenuity. Export entire models in .obj or .stl format and bring them to live on a 3D printer or keep improving your works of art in desktop modeling tools.


Apps with 3D Printing Service


Artist3D offers entry-level 3D modeling.
Rotate move and scale 3d objects very easily by using your fingers.
Paint directly onto the surfaces of 3d objects.
Sketch an object by just drawing its outline.
3D print your design by sending models to shapeways 3d printing service.
Exchange VRML97 files and Wavefront obj files with other tools.

Easy to learn: Artist3D is a full-featured polygon modeler with less than 30 controls.
Artist3D is optimized for multitouch control.
It works without any text input except for file selection.

Artist3d modeling tool-screen.jpg
pottery hd.jpg
Let's Create Pottery HD
Free your creativity! Making ceramics has never been more simple and fun! Become a true artist and create "one of a kind" pottery items. Throw the clay on the wheel, release all your artistic talents and take benefit of dozens of materials available in order to create your own design! Even when you glaze and fire your very first pot you will feel accomplished and relaxed as pottery is the best way to relieve your everyday stress and find your inner peace. An amazing, therapeutic and uplifting experience you can enjoy with your family and friends!

Join the Pottery Community
Finish all quests, build your own palette of colors and brushes and let your creativity flow freely. Then bigger challenges are waiting for you on the LCP Portal (www.potterygame.com) where you can post your first pot and join the amazing community of potters. Climb in the rankings, compete with talented LCP artist and share your own creations to surprise your friends.

Convert pots into real things!

Now you can imagine, create and then 3D print your own pot and order it straight from the app! Convert virtual pots into real objects which can be displayed on a shelf or be given to family or friends.

pottery hd-screen.jpg
Monstermatic inspires kids of all ages to engage in creative play. Ultimately children can unleash their monster into the real world through 3D printing technology.


-3D PRINTING: Seamlessly 3D print any monster you make in the app into a real life figurine.
-TALK to your monster: Talk to your monster and listen to it repeat what you said in it’s own funny way.
-PLAY with your monster: Push it, tickle it, shake it, make it fall and make it dance.
-CUSTOMIZE: 10 different monsters, each with different personalities and swappable parts. Swap horns, hats, teeth, eyes, etc… Make your monster really unique.
-DRAW: With your finger, draw anything you want on your monster.
-ANIMATIONS: Watch your monster explode, shoot with a paintball gun, smash a guitar and shatters your screen.
-CAMERA: Take fun pictures of your monster in the real world and send it to your friends.

*Costs still apply to ordering 3D printed monsters.


Makies Doll Factory
Build your very own Doll! Makies Doll Factory is an epic toymaking machine: build your dolls, give them names and styles, and you can even have any one of them turned into an ACTUAL doll, mailed directly to you. You choose!

Makies Doll Factory is a sweet and simple doll-maker: free to play with, you can make as many digital dolls as you like in your very creative workshop. But this Factory is extra special: every doll you make is unique, and the Factory can turn any one of them into a real, 10” high doll for you and mail it to you direct! There’s a community to join too: fellow doll creators will admire your handiwork, and it’s a place to show off pictures of your digital and real world doll creations. Snap a pic to send to friends, join in the fun!


  • Build digital dolls - female and male, each one unique
  • Makies are the world’s first fully customisable dolls!
  • Have any doll you create made into a ACTUAL doll, 10 inches high, and fully poseable
  • Choose from lots of clothing options, with more arriving soon
  • Makies are CE-certified and toy safe for 3+
  • Join the community on the web at www.makie.me to talk about doll creation, and do experiments

Make doll factory-screen.jpeg