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Now that you have bought your iPad, what are the questions you need to ask?

1. What is an iPAD? -- The iPAD is a WiFI/ 3G slate computer that is based on the iPhone/ iPod Touch operating system. The iPAD can be used in any direction It can be used as a note-taking device; an e-reader; a web browser; to send email; and has many other uses as new applications are developed. The iPAD has accessories that can convert it into a laptop, or a projection device.
Click here to learn how to set up the iPAD out of the box or the iPAD2 out of the box.

2. Will the iPAD replace my laptop? -- The iPAD is closer to a big phone than a small laptop. It will complete most of the tasks that a netbook can do. The iPAD has accessories that can convert it in to a laptop design.Click on the this link to view the accessories for the iPAD. iPad Accessories

3. How can I load software on the iPAD? -- Applications (apps) are the software for the iPAD. Apps can be downloaded from iTunes on your computer or from the App Store on the iPAD. Apps can costs can vary from free and up. To learn how to use iTunes, click on this link. An iTunes account is needed to download apps. To learn more about apps and what apps are available, click on the link. iPad Apps

4. How do I teach with it? -- The iPAD can be used as an instructor station with a projector; a student work station; or group collaboration device. The iPAD can morph between uses by whatever app that is open.Some apps are built to project, where some are built to talk to other devices. The iPAD can communicate either by Bluetooth, WIFI, or 3G (if available). Click on the link below to learn how to use the particular function: iPAD Activities

If you crave even more information about iPads, here are more sites.

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