forms.jpgThe Forms app allows a person to use the for that are created in Google Docs to collect information and have it uploaded to Google Spreadsheet. Forms can be completed with online or offline.

1. Select the Forms app to start the app. Make sure you are connected to the internet. To add a new form, click on the new form button in the top left corner. A new box will appear. Enter the view form web address into the textbox. (I copied and pasted the link from Safari into the box.) Click on the the Save button in the top right corner.

2. The form will open in the app. Press on the app to make it full screen. Complete the form and select the Submit button on the form. If connected to the internet, the form information will upload to the connected Google Spreadsheet. Select the forms button in the top right corner to be able to scroll through the menus.

3. Most of the controls for the app are at the bottom of the app. The first button with the arrow open the form in Safari. The second button that looks like a plug is one of the more important buttons. It is the mode button. Select the green enable offline mode button if you are going to collect information offline. (You will need to be online to download the form when switching to offline mode. Each Form that is to used offline needs to be downloaded separately.)


4. When in offline mode, the information collected is stored inside of the app. When internet access is available, press upload answers first. If unenable offline mode is clicked before uploading answer, answer maybe deleted. Once the answers have been uploaded, then select unenable offline mode to have access to the internet to load in any more forms.
5. The last button in the bottom row is the delete button. It will delete the form that is displayed on the screen.
6. Open Google Docs and the information will be in the spreadsheet that is associated with the form.