Classroom Management Apps can very from logging into a learning management system to collecting data on how teachers are teaching.

Learning Management




Learning Management

The best and most functional native iOS app for Moodle with support for all standard Moodle modules. mTouch+ is for students and requires no server side tweaking or installation, you can begin using mTouch+ right away.

mTouch+ provides iOS optimized view of your Moodle site for the following operations

- List enrolled courses
- View topics of a selected course
- View course assignments, edit your submissions and upload files
- View forums and post to forums
- View upcoming events, add event to calendar
- View course glossaries, add entries to glossaries and comment on glossary entries
- Display and download resources
- Join course chats
- List quizzes and see your quiz attempt reviews
- View your grades for all courses and inspect grading details for a selected course
PowerTeacher Mobile
One of the fastest growing classroom management solutions is now available for the iPad.
NOTE: Your school district must be using the PowerSchool student information system in order to use PowerTeacher Mobile.

PowerTeacher Mobile untethers teachers from their desktop or laptop and allows them to record scores and make observations while roaming the classroom, gymnasium, blacktop, science lab or even on a field trip

- Post assignments and scores to parents and students in real-time
- Create new assignments
- Record scores for- View and update class and group metrics (mean, median, mode)
- Enter comments and score codes for assignments
- Review class rosters
- Access student demographics
- Access student alerts
- Send email to student contacts
- View student photos
- View scoresheet for student groups
- Review assignment categories
- Review grade scales
- Integrated help
- Secure login
- School Locator

Blackboard Mobile Learner
- School enablement is required -
Blackboard Mobile Learn works with Blackboard’s Web-based teaching and learning software. Given all the important and secure information in your school’s Blackboard system, Blackboard Mobile Learn must be enabled by your school before the app will work on your device. There are several eligibility factors (all versions of Blackboard software aren’t yet supported, for example) which could impact the timing for your school.

Once Blackboard Mobile Learn is enabled by your school, it is available for free to all students. The app provides access to grades, announcements, discussion boards, course blogs and all your Blackboard course content.

To find out if Blackboard Mobile Learn is available at your school, download the app and search for your institution or check in with your helpdesk or technology department to find out when Blackboard Mobile Learn may be available.


My Moodle
This is the official Moodle app, designed to work together with your Moodle web site!

NOTE: Moodle 2.1 or later is REQUIRED to use this app. Mobile web services must also be enabled on the Moodle site.

This app is not a replacement for the Moodle interface, it just provides you with some useful additional tools.

You can:
- download course resources (documents/audio/video) to view offline
- upload pictures and video to your Private Files area in Moodle
- record and upload an audio file to your Private Files area
- view the participant list of your courses
- view information about the participants
- send a private Moodle message
- add a private note about someone
- work offline with automatic synchronization
- copy a Moodle user to your mobile address book
- access the web version of your Moodle site
- access Moodle documentation

Canvas for iPAD
It’s time to get in touch with your education. Your Canvas content goes everywhere with you on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Canvas for iOS allows you to:
• View your Canvas activity stream
• Stay on top of your to do items
• View your course schedule and syllabus
• Read and participate in course discussions
• Read, create, and reply to Conversations
• Study and navigate course pages
• View grades for your courses and individual assignments
• View submissions and participate in comment discussions with your instructor
• Access and participate in Canvas groups

canvas for ipad-screen.jpg
Mental Case Classroom Edition

With the classroom edition, a teacher or other educator can prepare flash cards and distribute them to students via a web server or other online storage solution.

✓ Download and install flash cards prepared by a teacher
✓ Create your own flashcards, with text, audio, and/or images
✓ Flashcards can have up to two sides
✓ Use camera to take photos for use in cards
✓ Record audio with the built-in microphone
✓ Study flashcards in full-screen slideshows
✓ Zoom images by double tapping in a slideshow
✓ Landscape slideshow mode
✓ Automatically prepared lessons using spaced repetition
✓ Import study archives from a server or via iTunes
✓ Backup your library to iTunes

The files that must be prepared are in a simple archive format known as 'Study Archive'. A file in study archive format is simply a zip file with a fixed directory structure, containing data in comma-separated values (CSV) or tab-separated values (TSV) format.

The easiest way to generate a study archive is to export from Mental Case for Mac OS X. But you can create a study archive even if you do not own Mental Case for Mac OS X, or even a Mac. You simply need to use a standard text editor, or spreadsheet application, to create the CSV/TSV files. You then ensure these are added to a standard directory hierarchy, and zip it all into a single file.

To learn the structure of a study archive, visit

Once you have created a study archive, you need to make it available online somewhere that the students can access with their iPhones or iPod touches. You could post the file to a school or college intranet, or make it available on a publicly accessible web site or online sharing service like MobileMe ( or Dropbox (

Students just need to enter the address (URL) of the archive to download and import the cards.

To make the URLs easier to enter, you could use a URL shortening service such as (

Mental Case also recognizes study archives in emails. If you email a study archive to the students, they can tap the attachment to get Mental Case to import it.

Finally, there is support for a 'studyarch' URL protocol. In short, if you use 'studyarch' on a web site link in place of 'http', Mental Case will download and import the linked file when the link is clicked in Safari on the iPod touch or iPhone.

As an example, imagine that you have uploaded a study archive to If you add a link to a web site with the URL studyarch://, students can tap the link to download and import the archive.




Markup is the easiest way to annotate documents on the iPad.

Markup is a game-changer for teachers, who can now use their iPads to grade assignments, and not have to deal with stacks of papers on their desks.

And Markup isn't just for teachers to use as a essay, paper, or homework grader. Lawyers who review contracts, writers who edit manuscripts, contractors who mark up blueprints - virtually anyone can use Markup to "go paperless."

Markup's killer feature is Email Sync, which assigns each user a unique email address. Every document sent to this email address is automatically imported into the Markup app. This way, teachers can simply ask their students to send their assignments to the teacher's Sync email. No need to waste class time printing, collecting and handing out assignments.

Markup supports a ton of filetypes through Email Sync, including PDF, DOC (Word documents), RFT, TXT, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PPT (Powerpoint presentations), CSV, XLS (Excel spreadsheets).

And if you don't want to use Email Sync, no worries - you can still open documents from your iPad with Markup, using the "Open in app" functionality for annotation. This works with Dropbox, Google Drive (formerly Google Docs), Mail, Safari, Gmail, Chrome, Goodreader, iBooks, etc.

Simple Gradebook
Simple Gradebook is an iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch application designed to help students track all of their courses and the grades associated with those courses. Designed for simplicity, students will find Simple Gradebook very easy to use. Included in the app is a video tutorial as well as a way for students to send feedback in an email to the app's developer.

With this application, the student will always know how well he or she is doing in every course. Also, with the one-time purchase, the student can run this app on all iOS mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch). This app contains no advertising.


Easy Grade Free - the EZ Grader that does half-points
Easy Grade makes it easy to grade your students' papers when you leave the cardboard Easy Grader at school. Easy Grade has many options that make it the best grading tool on the iPhone:

• Adjust how many questions are on the test
• Choose whether you want to increment by half-points in case you gave partial credit (feature available via $0.99 In-App Purchase)
• Choose whether you want to calculate based on number of problems right or number of problems wrong
• Increase or decrease text size to fit more or less on one screen

easy grade free-screen.jpg

MasteryScan (powered by GradeCam) is an app that allows teachers to scan plain paper bubble sheets right from an iPad!

To get started using MasteryScan, you'll need to create a MasteryConnect account ( - teachers & educators only please).

MasteryConnect empowers educators to assess and track mastery of both state and Common Core standards, share common assessments, and connect in an online professional learning community.



ClassDojo helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators.

Teachers can use this app to give students realtime feedback while in class - it will sync with the main ClassDojo website.

Better learning behaviors, smoother lessons, and hassle-free data - and it's free for teachers!

TeacherKIT is a personal organizer for the teacher. It enables the teacher to organize classes, and students. Its simple and intuitive interface enables teachers to track the attendance, grades and behavior of students.



Attendance is a universal iPhone/Touch/iPad app (runs on iOS 3.1.x, 3.2.x, and 4.x) that allows you to take and keep attendance records. Its main intended use is for teachers to keep track of records for their classes, but it can also be used for meetings and group gatherings. The attendance statuses are completely customizable. You can import names by pasting contents of a CSV file or placing the CSV file on a web server, or from Address Book groups you create on your computer and sync with your device, or you can enter the names by hand on your device.


Observation 360
Observation 360 from The School Improvement Network is a handheld observation tool designed to allow principals and instructional leaders such as coaches and mentors to perform effective observations and walk-throughs—and, more importantly, to allow those instructional leaders to be able to easily give effective follow-up to teachers via PD 360’s rich resources. No longer will teachers have to find resources to address issues arising from an observation, PD 360 will automatically recommend appropriate resources based on the results of the observation.