Legos has become more of a digital medium over the past years. Whether it is simply recording the videos of Minifigs to programming

Block Building




Make the most of your LEGO® collection by viewing and interacting with 3D LDraw/LEGO models and instructions on
your iOS device.

BrickPad allows you to view and manipulate 3D LDraw/LEGO models and instructions that have been created using the LDraw parts library. You can rotate, pan, and zoom the model while paging through the modeling instruction steps. Ideal for LEGO lovers of all ages.

The LDraw parts library is a collection of LEGO pieces that have been modeled by fans of LEGO. It is freely available and included with BrickPad under the Creative Commons Licence. Please visit for more information, content, and models.

◦ Available for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.
◦ Dropbox folder support.
◦ Intuitive multi-touch gestures.
◦ Parts list as well as in step parts list bubble.
◦ Over 85 FREE models available with more added weekly, and even more available on the web.

Brick Builder Pro
Build your own creations with several distinct building blocks like wheels, bricks, doors, windows, roofs etc.
Build and fully customize your own building, cars, animal, etc.
Brick Builder Pro lets you do that and more.
Remember to share your Artwork to friends with Facebook or twitter.

brick builder pro-screen.jpeg



LEGO Friends Story Maker
  • Mix and match 100+ Sets, Friends, pets and accessories for limitless storytelling fun!
  • Choose from 10+ Heartlake City page backgrounds, or take a photo of your own scene.
  • Drag and drop Mia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie, Olivia, and others.
  • Rotate and scale your favorite sets and accessories just the way you want
  • Choose from five different stamps - music, butterfly, pawprint, heart, and star.
  • Decorate each page with one of 10 colorful frames.
  • Manage page order, edit & delete pages, and add new pages using the nifty Book Manager.
  • Record voice for each page for a rich storytelling experience.
  • Type text and choose from seven colors.
  • Publish your story to iBooks so friends and family can experience them.

LEGO Friends Story Maker works on iPad2, iPad3, iPad4 and iPad Mini.

Lego Friends Story maker-screen.jpeg

This is an App developed for educational use. Access code for this App is sold together with a teachers curriculum pack and a software version for PC/Mac - to be used together with StoryStarter core brick sets. If you want to know more please contact a local LEGO Educational dealer.

The StoryVisualizer App allows students to document and present their stories. Using the camera students can take images of their storied creations and import them into the App. The App allows the users to select from a variety of preexisting writing templates or to customize their own.




Lego MINDSTORMS Robot Commander
Robot Commander is the official command app from LEGO® MINDSTORMS®. FREE to download on most smart devices; Robot Commander connects via Bluetooth to the EV3 Intelligent Brick. This easy to use app allows you to interact with your very own EV3 robots without even connecting to a computer! That means you can play instantly with your own robots!

EV3RSTORM – with integrated voice control software to command EV3RSTORM’s every move. (Limited to 20 commands per day)

R3PTAR – at the shake or flick of your wrist, R3PTAR slithers and strikes with cobra-like movements

TRACK3R – at your thumb tips, you control TRACK3R’s mechanical tracks to steer your way out of danger, and hammer, shoot or clear your path using the interchangeable tools.

SPIK3R – pinch control SPIK3R’s clasping claws, whilst the joystick controls forward and side movement, plus a shoot button commands the lightning tail.

GRIPP3R – with the thumb-controlled joystick, steer GRIPP3R to your target and at a touch of a button, lift and carry the item to its destination.

Once you’ve enjoyed playing with the 5 EV3 robots, how about creating your own commands using the integrated “Create & Command your own Robots” widget within the app.

Lego mindstorms robot commander-screen.jpeg
Now, you can program LEGO Mindstorms NXT on iPAD!

iNXTG is a integrated development environment for LEGO Mindstorms NXT, it's feature-packed, stable and fast:

1. Support all sensor block and action block with an additional mutex block.
2. Programming on your iPAD, anywhere.
3. Download executables to PC via embedded http server at Lite version, download to NXT directly at standard version.
4. Optimized executable is faster, UI is stable for large program.
5. Use embedded http server to back up, restore source code.
Have you ever been in this situation? You have just built your greatest robot ever with your NXT set! You run to the computer program it, and someone (Mom, Dad, Sibling, Roommate, etc.) is using the computer. What do you do? Usually, you end up waiting until they are done. nxtBlock eliminates that waiting! While nxtBlock doesn't warp time or make the person what to stop using the computer. It does allow you write a program for your NXT on your iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), plug your NXT into your computer, press the "Compile and Upload" button, select the computer your NXT is plugged into, Your program will transfer to your NXT and you now have a nice freshly programed NXT to play with! Yay!

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X (Note: 'nxtBlock Server' is required for either platform. 'nxtBlock Server' is free and can be found on

Universal Application - nxtBlock works great whether on an iPod Touch/iPhone or iPad

Simple to use drag and drop design

MyCode Blocks - Allow you to write code in NXC and include it into your nxtBlock program


iNXT Remote
*Caution* This application requires the following, a computer with a network connection, and bluetooth to run the server to forward commands to the NXT. It also requires a Lego NXT to be useful.

Direct Bluetooth connection is not currently possible, even in OS 3.0 due to Apple restrictions that all hardware that applications talk with be new and be approved through them. If Apple opens the access necessary to talk with existing devices, such as the NXT, I will gladly add this feature.

iNXT Remote is a controller for your Lego NXT Robots. It can control motors, poll and log sensor values, upload, download and delete files from the NXT, and run them. It has both direct motor control, as well as a vehicle control system that uses touch, or motion control to control differential drive robots. It enables you to log in remotely via the internet to control your robot, or read data from its sensors. It has a built in web server for adding and downloading files stored on the phone via a web browser. iNXT Remote 2.0 supports the NXT 2.0 in all functions it supported on the original kit, and adds support for the Lego Color Sensor.

Mac OSX Server (Requires OSX 10.5+, USB or Bluetooth)

Windows server (third party, no guarantees, should work on Windows XP+ with bluetooth)

iNXT Remote-screen.jpeg

RoboRemote Humanoid
Control Alpha Rex 2.0 using your iPhone as a remote. All you need is a PC and a WiFi network.

BIG NEWS: we are happy to announce that RoboRemote Server has been launched on other platforms!! No more PC needed! Check our website for more info! You can now use other devices to act as a bridge between NXT and your iOS device.

Move the robot by choosing one of the two remotes:
- button control remote: tap and hold buttons to move forward, backward, turn left,right, move the hands, and activate the color sensor.
- move the phone through the air, tilt to the left, to the right, forward, back and the robot will start to follow the movements.

You will be ready to drive your robot in less then 5 minutes, by following this easy steps:
1.) go to our website and download the PC Server
2.) download and start RoboRemote Humanoid
3.) tap on the desired remote button on the main screen
4.) start the PC Server and click connect. At this point the RoboRemote app on your iPhone should connect to the PC Server
5.) turn on your NXT and enable bluetooth
6.) click Connect on the PC Server next to the NXT label.
7.) when the button on the RoboRemote Humanoid turns green, all the connections are done, and you cand tap it to start controlling your robot.

You can go back and forth between the two remotes without the need to reconnect. You need to be on a WiFi enabled network, and your PC/MAC and NXT must also have bluetooth enabled.

roboremote humanoid-screen.jpeg

Virtual Capture

Life of George
Follow George around the world as he challenges you to a series of fun building tasks. Build as fast as possible, capture your model with your iPhone/iPod camera and get scored on your building skills.
•Build & Share: Share your own creations with other players.
•Play Online: Browse and play models in the online user gallery.

How to play:
• Get the Life of George LEGO box. It’s available at all LEGO Stores and at
• Download the Life of George app
• Get a building challenge from George
• Build as fast as possible
• Capture your model with your iPhone/iPod camera
• Get scored on your building skills

life of george-screen.jpeg

LEGO Connect
LEGO® Connect is a LEGO shopping and product discovery application. LEGO® Connect turns the printed page into a portal for digital content- web pages, video and 3D experiences.

LEGO® Connect offers one simple, primary screen to activate every type of interaction with seamless utility. To access additional content in LEGO® Catalogs look for pages and pictures with the LEGO Connect icon. Connect to learn more about LEGO sets, product designer videos and instantly view 3D models. Scan, activate and explore!

LEGO Connect is intended to be a product information enhancement application and some activations link directly to, LEGO Connect is recommended for children 13 years and older.

Lego Fusion Create & Race
Get behind the wheel of virtual cars that YOU build with real LEGO bricks and race them on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch! Compete on racetracks, stunt courses and in demolition challenges to dominate the leaderboard! Tune up your designs in the LEGO garage before each epic race for glory where every brick matters!

The LEGO FUSION Create & Race app is designed to work with LEGO FUSION Create & Race building set (21206).

• Design your own cars with the digital building tool and see how every brick changes the stats!
• Use real LEGO bricks from your LEGO FUSION Create & Race set to build your car design and virtually race your car.
• Drive your LEGO car creations against crazy competitors in races, stunts and demolition challenges.
• Tune up your stats to get on the leaderboard
• Tweak your designs in the LEGO garage
• Build racecars, monster trucks and more with endless customization for maximum impact!
Free ( You will need the Matching Lego Kit)

Lego Fusion Town Master
Introducing LEGO® FUSION Town Master – a fun and creative way of combining real LEGO® brick building with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch! Your game. Your way.

YOU are the Town Master! Rule your town and create it any way you want, with real LEGO bricks! Earn valuable studs, keep your mini citizens happy by completing missions, play exciting mini games and expand in every direction.
The LEGO FUSION Town Master app is designed to work with LEGO FUSION Town Master building set (21204).

• Use real LEGO bricks from your LEGO FUSION Town Master set to design unique 2D buildings that come to life in 3D on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as you add to your town and build things to keep your citizens happy.
• Create houses, shops, restaurants, fire stations... the possibilities are almost endless in your brick combinations, road layouts and town enhancements!
• Keep your virtual citizens happy by fulfilling their wishes and you’ll earn the studs you need to gain more power and special features for your town.
• Special missions and mini-games pop-up throughout your town to give you even more opportunities for fun and success.
Free ( You will need the Matching Lego Kit)

Lego Fusion Battle Towers

Introducing LEGO® FUSION Battle Towers – a fun and creative way of combining real LEGO® brick building with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch! Your game. Your way.

Your kingdom is under attack and only YOU have the power to defend it. Build or repair each level of your Battle Tower using real LEGO bricks, then bring it to life on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to reach the crown in the sky! Cast magic spells, shoot arrows and throw fireballs at invaders when darkness falls in this unpredictable virtual world!

The LEGO FUSION Battle Towers app is designed to work with LEGO FUSION Battle Towers building set 21205.

• Use real LEGO bricks from your LEGO FUSION Battle Towers building set to design and build 2D tower sections that come to life in 3D on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
• Explore cool defense mechanisms that will keep your tower intact when the invaders attack!
• Recruit an army of wizards, archers and even castle chefs, armed and ready to fight for YOUR kingdom when darkness falls
• Repair, redesign and keep your tower intact to earn valuable studs for more power and to unlock special features
• Take on the challenge of special missions and mini-games that pop-up throughout your battles!
Free ( You will need the Matching Lego Kit)

Lego Fusion Resort Designer

Free ( You will need the Matching Lego Kit)

Stop Motion


Stop Motion Studio

lego movie maker.jpg
Lego Movie Maker
Parental supervision is recommended for maximum fun.
Build your own LEGO® adventure, then capture your story! Help your child bring their LEGO characters to life with the LEGO Movie Maker App. This fun, kid-friendly app brings the whole family together to create a custom LEGO stop-motion movie.

Simple tools and guides make it easy to shoot, edit, and even score your movie with music. Add one of the customizable title cards then share it online and, who knows, you may have the next summer blockbuster in your hands…literally!

-Add & delete frames to your movie
-Choose from 7 different soundtracks, or add music from your library
-Add a color filter to the camera
-Customize different title cards
-Save your movie to your camera roll, or share with your friends on YouTube
-Add text to your movie with custom dialog cards
-Add LEGO sound effects to any frame
-Record your own sound effects
-Edit the duration of each frame

Lego Movie Maker-screen.jpeg