Creating app pages is a great way to organize apps. If an iPAD is being used for multiple subjects, apps for each subject can be placed together on one page. Until OS4 comes out with the use of app folders, app pages are the best solution. There are two options to creating an app page. Both require the same movement. Press or click on an app, and drag to a new location. (see image below)


Option 1: The first option is to use press and hold an app until they start shaking. Press and hold on the app. Drag the app to a new page and release it. That will be the app's new location. Do the same with similar apps.

Option 2: The second option is to connect your iPad to your computer and use iTunes. Once iTunes finishes syncing the iPAD, click on the iPAD icon in the left column. A Tabbed window will appear in the opposite of the left column. Click on the Apps tab. Click and drag the app over the page that you wish to place it. The page will appear. Place the app in an empty slot.