Creating a Graphic novel requires a few apps. For this tutorial, I will stick to three apps. If you want to get crazier, you can add a couple more apps. One app needs to be able to edit picture and turn them into drawings. The second app to create the panel, and the third is to create the slide show. The first is that will be used is ToonPAINT. ToonPaint turns images into hand drawn sketches that can be colored. The app gives the images a Frank Miller look. There are other apps that add effects to images. To learn more about other image editing apps, click this link. To create the comic page, we are going to use Comic Strip. There are several templates to pic from for the page design. The app is easy to use for multiple ages and has several options for saving the pages. There are other apps that create comic pages. Click here to learn about other comic apps. It is under Graphic Novels. The last app that is going to be used is Quickoffice Pro HD. This app will be used to create a slide show. You could use Keynote, as well. Both apps have the ability to project natively, which is a benefit for the original iPAD.



Quickoffice Pro HD

toonpaint.jpgTurning your photos into a cartoon using ToonPAINT:
1. Start the app. The app is made for the iPhone, but works perfectly on the iPAD. This app allows pictures to be taken from the camera or loaded in from the gallery. If the gallery is selected, the camera roll will appear. Select the roll you would like to open. When the roll opens, all of the image will be there to select from. Select the image from the roll.

IMG_0296.png IMG_0297.png
2. When the image is selected, it will go through a conversion process. The image will look like a hand drawn sketch. The bottom tray has undo, pan/zoom, shading and size. I like to play with the shading levels. Shadings allows the look of shadows in photographs. When completing with the tools in this bar, click on the paint arrow in to top right corner. The last two button at the bottom of the screen changes when switched to paint. The first button is Brush if you want to color it in. The button to the right is to access the color pallet. When you are done coloring in the image, click on the done arrow in the top right corner.


3. The save options will appear. Select the Save to Photo Gallery. The image will be save to the Photo app.


comicstrip.jpgCreating comic pages with ComicStrip
1. Select the ComicStrip app. The workspace will appear. Click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen to select the type of template to be created.

2. In the center of each block, there is a blue plus button. When the blue plus button is pressed, two boxes will appear to select where to get the image from. Pick from Library will open the camera roll.

3. Select the image to be inserted. The image can be slid around the box. Go on to the next boxes and add more images.

4. Click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen. Press on the center tab to add captions. Click on the caption bubble or one of the accent words to added to an image. Drag the bubble where you want it to be. A cursor will appear in the bubble to enter in text. To delete a bubble, press on the red X in the top corner.


5. Click on the arrow at the bottom and select the Save & Publish tab. There are three options to save the page. Pages can posted through twitter, Facebook, or saved to the photo library. Save to file to the Photo Library.


Quickoffice.jpgCreating a the novel with Quickoffice Pro HD
1. Start the the Quickoffice Pro HD app. Press the new file button in the bottom right corner. Select the Presentation 2003 Format to open a new presentation file.
2. The controls are in the top right corner. Click on the title block and the block will appear. Press on the top of the block and a delete box will appear. Select the Delete box.
3. Press on the Butterfly + button in the top right corner. This button opens the images/shapes panel. Select images on the top left of the panel click on Photo Albums. Then, press camera roll to gain access Select the page that is needed to be inserted.



4. Press on the image to gain access to the circle to stretch the image. Grab one of the corners and stretch it to the end of the workspace. You may have to stretch a couple of time to fit all of the workspace. In the slide sorter, select the next blank slide, and add the next page to the slide. To continue to add slides, press the + in the lower right corner. A new slide appear in the slide sorter.





5. To enable to slideshow mode, click on the play button in the top right corner. The workspace goes to full screen. Drag your finger across the screen to flip pages.

6. To Save the Graphic Novel, press the close button in the top left corner. A box with four button will appear. Select the Save As button. A screen will appear to select a location to save the file and a textbox at the top to name the file.Click on the save button in the top right corner.