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Multimedia Style Creators

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Book Creator for iPAD
The simple way to create your own beautiful iBooks, right on the iPad.

Read them in iBooks, send them to your friends, or submit them to the iBookstore.

Ideal for children’s picture books, photo books, art books, cook books, manuals, textbooks, and the list goes on.

  • Choose from portrait, landscape or square book sizes.
  • Quickly add pictures from the Photos app, or grab them from the web, then move, resize and rotate them with your fingers.
  • Edit text using the onscreen keyboard, and apply rich formatting to make it look great.
  • Choose from all of the iPad's fonts - over 50 to use.
  • Import video and music, and record speech within the app.
  • Layout your book exactly as you want it with guidelines and snap positioning.
  • A quick tap and you're reading your book in iBooks!
  • Send your books to your friends over email, to iTunes on your computer, over Dropbox, or to a WebDav server.
  • Print using AirPrint or other printer apps, or export as PDF.
  • With your books created using the international ePub standard you know they will be readable now and in the future.

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Story Creator Pro
Story Creator offers a magical way to enjoy your personal pictures, videos, and experiences with family and friends.

Even kids will love this app because it is so easy to use.


✔ Added over 16 unique layouts to add photos
✔ Added ability to add stickers
✔ Added unique colors for better drawings
✔ Added ability to customize thickness of line drawings


✔ Creating stories is fun, simple, and easy… even a child can do it
✔ Supports gorgeous photos and videos
✔ Add Photos from device, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, or Facebook
✔ Can add text and audio recordings with every page
✔ Supports text highlights - which makes is it easy for kids to learn how to read
✔ It's super easy to share stories with others and copy stories across devices
✔ Share stories via email with one click

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Create engaging stories for your child to put together as they learn about sentence structure, key sight words and grammar.
You create the story, they rebuild it to make sense. Retell a family event or teach your child something new!
StoryBot is an interactive shared reading tool designed by teachers. It's perfect for use at home or in the classroom.

- Create unlimited stories about anything and everything
- Use photos from your Photo Library or Photostream, or take photos with your device's camera
- Three customisable robot voices
- Record your own voice to narrate your stories
- Print your stories or export them as PDF files (iOS 6 only)
- Four sample stories to help get you started
- BookBot supports beautiful retina graphics



With bookPress, you can put your favorite photos, captured moments and stories into a lasting keepsake book in print to share with family and friends. Making your own bookstore quality book has never been so easy and convenient!
Features:* Create your own books from photos online or offline* Share with family and friends via email, facebook or twitter with one click* Capture live events into your books easily, instantly* Access your books on any devices via bCloud* Privacy settings give you control over access to your books* Option to produce your book in full color hardcover/softcover bookstore quality print* Order only one copy or as many as you need* Compatible with iOS5 and higher* Full retina support


Text Style Creators


eBook Magic +ePub, PDF, Photo Book Maker
The App for making Books, Pages and iBooks with the most output & share options.
  • Read yours in iBooks, Order a Printed Book online, and share with friends.
  • Optimized for creating any type of book: photo albums, children’s books, scrap books, text books
  • Limited only to your imagination. eBook Magic can even create one-page letters or photo collages.


Get Started Fast and Easy:
- Add a new page, use page templates, or edit any of the 100+ page formats.
- Pick 10 photos and 10 Pages are automatically created to get you on your way.

Double-Tap to add a Photo.
- Pinch and Zoom the photo within picture frame, or resize proportions with active Resize/Move.
- Photos can be placed in Page Backgrounds, Text boxes, Photo boxes.
- Frame photo borders and color Fill with color overlay with % opacity.

Double-Tap to Dictate or Type:
Tap a text box and up pops your keyboard. Use Dictation on supported iPads.

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xt2Book -
Create Book From Text
Now it's not a matter anymore, Txt2Book can convert any text to book for you! You can either input new text or open/edit existing text files (such as notes you created before) and read them in these popular readers.

With Txt2Book you can:
✓ Create epub book from any text, either new text or existing text files
✓ Quick read any text file or edit it before reading
✓ Freely define chapters to organize book, add image as book cover. Support both left-to-right and right-to-left text.
✓ Edit chapter content, change its format, and preview it
✓ Manage books and sharing them with your friends
✓ Contextual help is always available, all you need to do is double-tap title of navigation bar
✓ Open text file from other Apps like Dropbox, Mail client, etc.
✓ Manage your books either on your device or from browser of your PC/notebook.

The book created by Txt2Book is in epub format, so you must install a epub book reader, iBooks is highly recommended.


Children's Book Style Creator

Build A Story
So, with dozens of Storybook Themes and pre-drawn Pages to get you started -- plus *hundreds* of fun, colorful characters to select and arrange in infinite combination -- your kids' & students' imaginations are about to be unleashed like never before.

Best of all, you get to write and save all the text and dialogue you want in your Stories.

You can also Save multiple pages at once, for an entire Storybook to be read, shared and printed. ... It really is the best way to make your own storybook and bring your child's dreams to life!

Its easy and fun to use:

1) Choose from lots of Themes to get started: jungles, fairy garden, country farms, outer space and heaps more each theme has several different pages to add, to make your story as long and varied as you want.
2) With so many different Character Categories (like Animals, Food, Ocean Life, Furniture, Flowers and People) plus as many as 30 DIFFERENT characters in each category, the story varieties are endless.
3) Story Writing. What's truly special and unique about Build a Story is the unique Storywriting and Speech features. Describe the action going on in your tale, create dramatic flourishes and plot twists, write your own Diary, Holiday or Family memory, and let your characters speak for themselves with speech bubbles!

You can Save your stories as you go, add in as many pages as you want, Read all your stories on iPad, email them to friends and family and print them out to make your own, real-life story book!

build a story-screen.jpg

Storybook Maker
Storybook Maker can be used to design, create and share:

1. Short Stories
2. Picture Books
3. Photo Collages
4. Scrapbooks
5. Vacation Albums

Storybook Maker is an amazing app for children to express their creativity. With Storybook Maker you can make a book and share it with friends! The app comes equipped with all the tools needed to create incredible and exciting stories!

Each page can have it’s own custom layout and include text, drawings, audio photos and stickers. You can even include physics objects such as a ball or car to make your book even more interactive!

Each Page can be fully customized to include:

1. Custom Recorded Audio
2. Backgrounds and Borders
3. Paintings from our intuitive paint tools
4. Text including many fonts and type options
5. Sticker Objects from a massive built in library (NO IN APP PURCHASES NECESSARY!)
6. Photos from your Photo Album

storybook maker-screen.jpg

Create a Fable
This app introduces a new type of interactivity: literary collaboration; in fact, it is dedicated to all amateur writers, to parents who have always dreamed of writing a fairy tale for (and with) their own children, and obviously to all the curious and intelligent youngsters.

create a fairy tale-screen.jpg
Create your very own storybooks in 2D and 3D. Choose from bookabi's backgrounds, characters, objects and stickers or use your own photos and become part of the story! Easy enough for kids to use alone and a fun new way to share story time together.

- 2D and 3D characters that you can pose, rotate and move
- Easy-to-add text, speech bubbles, new pages and more
- Pre-loaded backgrounds, objects and stickers
- In-App store with additional content
- Use your own photos to become part of the story!
- Save and share your story with the whole family
- Record and listen to audio on each page

The beauty of bookabi is that everything children need to tell their stories is already there – no drawing skills needed. bookabi has a collection of 2D and 3D characters, fanciful backgrounds and fun stickers and objects that you can place, resize and rotate with the swipe of a finger. Children can add speech bubbles, text, and even design the cover. You can also use your own photos as elements of the story or backgrounds (wait 'til you see how your living room looks with a spaceship in it!). Using bookabi’s fun and colourful characters, backgrounds and stickers, it’s easy for kids of almost any age to bring the worlds and fantasies from their imaginations to life.


My Story - Book Maker for Kids

Drawing. Coloring. Storytelling. Imagination. For less than a box of crayons, My Story helps kids expand these art skills and self-expression in a whole new way, giving parents, teachers, and counselors one more tool to help develop these crucial literacy skills.

  • Simple, friendly interface. From the wood panel background to the happy color scheme, My Story is a pleasure to use. Young kids will love just coloring. Older kids will love to illustrate.
  • Multiple brushes. Pen, Paint Brush, & Wacky
  • Size tool. Make lines thick or thin and anywhere in between
  • 20 vibrant colors to choose from.

  • Take a picture right from the app and make it the background of your page.
  • Choose a picture from the photo library to serve as a page’s background image.
  • Makes it easy for children to share stories of their daily life and bolster speaking and writing skills: My Family, My Friends, My Home... the possibilities are endless!

  • Easy-to-use button lets you start and stop voice recording for every page of the book
  • Restart a recording at any time
  • Voice recordings remain intact when your book is shared or published to iBooks!
  • Each page of the book contains an area for kids to type words. These words appear beautifully when your book is shared or published.

  • Create an unlimited number of books
  • Read your finished book right inside the app! Great for family gatherings and classroom presentations.
  • Share your story book via Email to anyone on any device or computer!
  • Publish your story book to iBooks and read your book alongside other books from the iBookStore at any time!

my story book maker for kids-screen.jpg

Great American Novel Style Creator


Blast your creativity through the roof using the benefits of technology. With Tlili can create a novels, make notes of your classes, bring your journal, make a recipe book, create a memorandum book, or anything you need to write and share.

Tlili has tools that complement your experience:

- Create items classified by categories
- Add chapters to each book
- Individual features for each element
- Bookmarks
- Text Finder
- Share in social networks and email
- Generating ePubs
- Password Protect books
- Create multiple books with different genre or theme
- Customize fonts, colors and wallpapers


Werdsmith turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a portable writing studio, so you can write any time, any place. Hundreds of thousands of writers use Werdsmith to capture their ideas, track their writing goals and remind them to write. It's the best writing experience on iOS, and we think you'll love it.

All your writing is in sync between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, so no matter where you get your inspiration, you can start writing instantly, and you'll always pick up from where you left off!

Please note:
Werdsmith and all it's features are free, but there is a limit to how many projects you can work on at once. A one-time in-app purchase removes this limit, forever


My Writing Desk for iPAD
Use this beautifully designed workspace to craft your masterpiece. We've added numerous features to make writing a joy on your iPad, including:

✓ A minimalist, distraction-free writing space.
✓ Enhanced keyboard with easy character and word positioning, tabbing, and more.
✓ Character and word counts (great for NaNoWriMo!).
✓ Autosave.
✓ Unlimited reorderable folders in which to save documents.
✓ Fast full text search.
✓ Sort documents by name or date modified.
✓ Light and dark writing modes.
✓ Automatic spellcheck.
✓ Lots of gorgeous fonts in various sizes.
✓ Export via email, or to a printable PDF file.
✓ Print via AirPrint.
✓ Open in iBooks, Evernote, Dropbox, and others (if those apps are installed).
✓ Two-way sync with Google Docs™! Just log into your account in the app, and you can backup your documents to the cloud. If you make changes in your web browser, you can pull those back into the app by syncing again.

my writing desk-screen.jpg