Data collection apps can collect multiple types of information. Some apps require an internet connection to submit data. Most have an spreadsheet appearance to collect data. Read the descriptions carefully to make sure the app will do what is needed. A data collection app could be used for attendance or grades.

Database for iPAD
Database for iPad is the mobile personal database for everyone. With this powerful tool, anybody can create custom databases without writing a single line of code. For example, a database can consist of various bits of info which are, in some way, related to each other. You might have a database representing employees and another representing tasks. Now you can easily assign or match tasks to employees. This app is currently not available in the US iTunes Store.

This app is not available in the US anymore.

Numbers has everything you need to organize data, perform calculations, and manage lists. And you can do it all with just a few taps. Start with one of the beautiful Apple-designed templates and add your own tables and charts. Use predefined styles for tables, charts, images, and text to customize the look of your spreadsheet. Intelligent keyboards make data entry easy — they’re designed specifically for working with dates, formulas, text, or numbers. Perform simple or complex calculations with over 250 functions that let you create your own formulas using a dedicated function keyboard and built-in help. Forms make it easy to enter data in a table when you’re on the go. And, in full-screen view, Numbers instantly summarizes selected data in different ways — by sum, average, min, max, and count. With a quick swipe, you can even see your data as a chart.


Patient Lists,Billing Codes,Charge Capture

Create and Edit Databases right on your iPad
NEW FEATURE! Databases emailed to you can be opened from the mail program and synced right into HanDBase
NEW FEATURE! Backup and Install databases directly from the iTunes cabled interface.
19 different field types
Relational- link between different database tables
Sorting,Filtering, and Customized Views
Field level Encryption
Desktop Connect- connect via web browser and load/save databases, import/export
Integration w/ HanDBase Gallery-download over 2000 templates
Support for photos

DataAnalysis is a general purpose iPad App for the plotting and analysis of all types of data that can be formulated as x,y pairs. The program can be used easily by both students and professionals. It is particularly useful for quick analysis of various types of data by curve fitting, analysis of data via a standard curve, and analysis of various types of kinetic data including enzyme kinetics.

Data can be entered directly via the keyboard or imported from the Mail App as a text file. In addition, data can be imported via drag and drop within iTunes.

Statistic Visualizer
Statistics Visualizer for iPad (nicknamed StatViz) is a perfect, comprehensive statistical data tool for students and researchers. This app provides you with dynamic graphs, statistic calculations with detailed explanations for the results and more.

If you are learning statistics courses, this app makes your life much easier. The app uses dynamic graphs to help you gain an intuitive and quick understanding of difficult statistical concepts. It includes a collection of examples that covers almost all the topics in undergraduate statistics courses. Each example is a real data analysis that has graph illustration, analysis report, analysis parameters, data, and help. For example, for a t test you can learn how to prepare data in data view, learn how to conduct the test with parameters and even gain insight into the difficult concept of p-value in the graph. The app's Notes section gives a detail explanation for the graph and result statistics to help you break down the lesson into understandable parts.


Grid-In-Hand (tm) Mobile Grid
iPad has generous screen making data collection previously done on paper a breeze on iPad. Data collected with Mobile Grid can be sent with the press of a single button. Send via email, and put on your desired FTP server. Send in Excel XLS format or CSV format, and even post data to SQL database all the press of a button.

Use Scanfob barcode scanners with iPad and Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid for fast data collection for inventory counting, ordering, asset tracking, grocery lists, wine lists, parts lists, hobby parts, books, DVDs, product kit building, packing lists, anything list you want to create with a Scanfob barcode scanner.


Take the pulse of your students directly for the first time ever with Polldaddy for iPad. Now all the power and flexibility of Polldaddy surveys are literally at your fingertips.

Just fire up the Polldaddy app on your iPad and enter your Polldaddy account information (Polldaddy account required). Once you're logged in, select the surveys from your Polldaddy account you'd like to make available for iPad, and the app will download all of the questions information to the device. You can now take this survey out into the world and collect offline responses and when you're back on the internet, you can sync those responses back to where you can do all of the analysis and decision-making you've come to rely on.


SurveyDeck is the iPhone and iPod Touch’s only survey app that syncs with a FREE survey creation and analysis application. SurveyDeck uses SurveyGizmo’s easy to use survey creator and powerful analysis functionality. All you need is a free or subscription account with SurveyGizmo, and the world of mobile electronic surveying a possibility.

SurveyDeck is an easy to use substitute for paper-based surveys, questionnaires, checklists, forms and polls. The convenience of creating your surveys online, filling them in while away from the office and analysing the results using powerful, computer based tools is SurveyDeck’s raison d’être.

iFieldWork turns your iPad into a dedicated interview client!

How it works:
- Go to and create an account
- Create a project and add a link to a survey (a demo is already created for you)
- Start the iFieldWork application on your iPad
- Register your iPad with the 5 digit Customer code and 5 digit Activation code
- Select the survey you want to use for your interview

Tap Forms Database Lite
You’re having the best vacation of your life. At least you were until you go to pay the pub tab and discover that your credit card is missing. After a frantic search, you realize that there’s nothing for you to do but call and report the card lost or stolen. That’s bad enough but it gets a little bit worse when the credit card company asks you for your account number and you don’t know it. Even if you were home you would have to hunt around for that information, so what are you going to do when you’re so far away?

If you have the ultra secure Tap Forms Database, you can just access that account number right from your iPhone or iPod Touch, with just a couple of taps.

With Tap Forms Database, you can be prepared for any kind of emergency. It has more than 25 ready-made forms all set for you to quickly record your information into any of the 16 different information fields.


StoreIt Database Application
StoreIt is a simple and easy to use database tool built for the iPhone and iPod Touch. StoreIt allows you use your iPhone to create, amend and populate table definitions to build a database for whatever you like. Pre-built templates included for all of the above. Easy to use and customize. Or if you don't see what you want then create your own. No need for a separate database application for each task.

Forms is a client of Google Forms (Google Docs). The Form you created on your PC can be viewed in the most suitable layout for iPad.
Google Forms(Google Docs) is a service with which you can create forms online. You can use it as soon as you create a Google Account for free. Please see for more details.

Forms supports offline. You can use the forms downloaded beforehand where you cannot connect to the Internet. Responses you collect offline will be saved on Forms so you can upload them to Google Docs when you are online.
Note: This function will work only on forms with single pages. When forms are offline, the theme is always limited to Plain.

StatsMate HD
Statistics is not about spending time in tables. With StatsMate, looking for a statistical value and do a statistics calculation have never been easier.

Now with a built-in calculator, you can do a calculation right in the app.

Also with VGA out support for instructors to use in classroom.

Are you one of those people who spends hours flipping back and forth, searching through thousands of numbers in the back of that huge textbook just for a single value? Oh! The value you were looking for is not even in the table? Should you use linear approximation? Or should you use the closest value? Oh wait… you were looking for z=1.645 not 1.465.


Survey Now!
This app, along with an iphone/ipad device is the fastest and easiest way to input & compile people’s information on the spot. Participants will be curious and intrigue by this new technology while at the same time thrilled to provide you with important feedback about your business or product along with their contact information.

This app allows you to gather an honest & anonymous opinion about your product or service. They can choose to leave any details they choose, this method of surveying displays class and is non-intrusive in any setting.

Change or upload your custom header image directly from your photo folder on device. (768x340) pixels. Download template from site below.

survey now-screen.jpg

Display your own header image giving away a special gift for participating, hand them the ipad after the service is rendered, and ask them to input their feedback.
It is very easy!

Inventory Taking Pro
App to take stock or keep inventory records on the iPad or the iPhone/iPod Touch.

1. Item list.
2. Inward inventory by item.
3. Outward inventory by item.
4. Reports by item.

All details of each transaction are kept easy to reach by item.

123 Charts
123 Charts is a very simple app that combines a small spreadsheet editor with a charting library to showcase our charting api and our spreadsheet control. This app will be updated regularly as we work to extend the functionality of the APIs. There is a unique relationship between the spreadsheet and the charts as they work together, along with the legend, to allow you to display the data you are looking at by either selecting it in the spreadsheet and watching it update on the chart, or by selecting the data in the chart and seeing it selected in the spreadsheet. In this first release the spreadsheet does not have functions or perform calculations, its more like a csv viewer. You can edit each of 5 available sheets and they will be stored for the next time you open the app.

Pie Chart 3D
Pie Chart 3D Creator allows you to create pie chart wherever you are. Available for iPad and iPhone.
Just few taps and your pie chart is ready. You can save it for later or email immediately.

On iPad you can rotate it to landscape mode and present directly to your audience.

In version 1.0 you can:
- add new slices (up to 12),
- move slices on a chart in slice settings,
- change slice size,
- rotate whole chart, just swipe your finger next to chart border,
- skew chart, just swipe up and down in the center,
- scale chart, use two fingers, like with pictures,
- save for later, in chart settings, chart is saved with date and chart name, (up to 15 saved charts),
- load saved charts, you will be warned that your current chart will be replaced,
- delete unneeded charts (just tap edit button on load list or swipe finger to right hand side),
- reset chart values to default 5 slices,
- email image with chart to any recipients email.




With PocketPoll you can design and conduct your own surveys and polls. Your surveys and polls are stored in the cloud for users with a browser to be able to answer.

Use PocketPoll when you want answers to your questions, whether your a student needing answers for a report, or a consultant doing an analysis and needs quick feedback.

With PocketPoll and PocketView, your surveys are ready to be answered in face to face interviews or kiosk mode on the streets, at trade shows or in retail.

  • Create surveys on your iPhone or iPad
  • Multiple choice questions.
  • Comments
  • Text Field
  • Turn your survey on and of from your iPhone or iPad
  • Send your survey via email, twitter or message
  • View single or collection of answers on iPhone or iPad
  • Slick and easy to use interface

QuickTapSurvey lets you create surveys for your iPad quickly and easily! It's packed with features and designed to make the survey experience easy, fast and engaging for your students. Download the QuickTapSurvey app and check out our demo surveys. When you're convinced that no one else does it quite like us, sign up for a FREE account at and create your own survey! No credit card required. In addition to being visually appealing, QuickTapSurvey is by far the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to collect data on the iPad. QuickTapSurvey is the gold standard for iPad survey software.

Some of the things that make QuickTapSurvey better:

  • Branded and beautiful interface
  • Big text. Easy to read!
  • Big buttons. Easy to tap!
  • Custom keyboards for postal code, zip code, phone number, alphanumeric data, numeric data, decimal data, dollar values and more!
  • Email short-cut keys for commonly used email addresses
  • NOT web-based (no browser, no URL, no delay, no connection required)
  • Images for multiple choice questions personalize the experience
  • Changes to surveys can be made remotely and immediately
  • Collected data can be viewed and analyzed anywhere in real-time
  • Send follow up email as soon as they complete the survey. This email is predefined and could be a thank you message, link or any communication.
  • Multilingual support. Our surveys support a number of international languages!