Drawing and diagramming has become easier with the iPAD's larger screen. Collaborative mind mapping apps are starting to pop up in the app store. These apps can connect either by WiFi or Bluetooth. If the app connects via Bluetooth, only four iPADs can connect together at one time. Drawing programs can range from annotating on a blank canvas to drawing on top of images in the Photos app.

Below are two videos that demo drawing apps. The first video is a demonstration of Painting. The second video is a demonstration of Adobe ideas.

Adobe Ideas
Adobe Ideas is your digital sketchbook, letting you capture and explore ideas anywhere you go. Adobe Ideas is an ideal companion for the professional design applications from Adobe, including Adobe Illustrator® and Adobe Photoshop® software.

Sketch design concepts while sitting in a cafe, or capture and store color themes while browsing through the photos on your phone. Any time you need to explore creative ideas, Adobe Ideas is there with you.
Inkflow: Think Visually !
Inkflow works like a word-processor for visual thinking. Capture your ideas as easily as with pen and paper, then arrange and reorganize them with your fingers!

Inkflow's ink feels like a really smooth fountain pen. Great for expressive writing or sketching.

Effortlessly scale or move anything you select. This will change the way you think about ink: Jot down a list of ideas or concepts then rearrange them to fit into the bigger picture. literally move your thoughts around the page, and assemble big ideas with your fingers. This works great for brainstorming and planning. It's also perfect for prototyping layouts, sketching, and drawing.

Zoom and pan with two fingers. Inkflow's ink stays sharp no matter how much you zoom in, so you can add fine details at full quality. It's also lightning fast. No pixelation or lag here. This allows writing and drawing with incredible precision, with or without a stylus.


Draw is a cooperative drawing game that allows you to save and share drawings over Bluetooth. Draw can upload your drawings to Twitter.
MindMash is a brainstorming & note-taking application for the iPad. It allows users to create an ideas mash-up by combining and manipulating text, images & drawings on the iPad in a visual and free-form manner.

MindMash turns the iPad into a canvas of ideas for students, bloggers, writers, designers, and other creative individuals. Users can add text, images & drawings (called 'bits') to a sheet or several sheets and use these bits to compose visual outputs for personal or professional use. It aids in the creative process by making use of a free-form layout for the sheets as well as helps in efficiently organizing thoughts and ideas by allowing users to easily edit bits of data.

Doodle Buddy
Doodle Buddy is a drawing app. You can draw with chalk, brush, glitter, and smudge. There are large and small stamps to mark the page. Background and images from Photos can be added to the workspace. Drawings can either be saved to the photo album or to email.

Popplet LT
Popplet Lite will be free forever, but is limited to letting you create only one Popplet. If you want unlimited Popplet boards, and features like naming boards, email screengrabs, higher image count and more… purchase the paid version of Popplet.

Capturing and sharing your inner most creative genius has never been easier. The design of this application was based around the way that we work at Universal Mind. We expect you to have other use cases and needs. Help us to make iBrainstorm better by giving it a strong rating and sharing your thoughts on improving it. We'll do our best to support your requests and questions in a timely manner.

iPocket Draw Lite
iPocket Draw (Lite) is the first vectorial drawing software for iPhone and iPod touch.

With iPocket Draw (Lite), you can:
- draw polygons, lines, rectangle, ovals, arcs and texts;
- in continues or dashes lines;
- in black, blue, red, green, yellow;
- select every object of the drawings (one after another);
- change his geometry or its attributes of drawings;
- or erase it;
- including texts;
- scroll the drawings with two fingers including while drawings of an object;
- zoom in or out

Wondershare iDraft
iDraft is a simple, easy to use notebook for iPad. You can draw a picture, make a record for a conference, or just write down what you have in your mind with iDraft.

- Select a cover image from your library to create a new note with an infinite number of pages. Name, edit or delete for each note
- Preview entire notebook by moving the scroll bar and quickly find the exact page
- Undo and redo on each page, along with a standard eraser tool
- Pick color for line and change line width
- Save single pages as a PNG format to your photo library
- Email single pages or entire notebooks to your colleagues or friends. PDF is supported for full notebooks


iDraw is the most feature-packed vector drawing and illustration app available on the iPad!

Layers, Text, Images, Multi-color Gradients, RGB color picker, Brushes, Bezier Pen Tool, customizable Canvas Styles, Grid Snapping, Masking, PDF export, and much more!

Create stunning illustrations and designs using intuitive touch controls and the many built-in drawing tools. You can create complex designs quickly and easily, even on the go.

- Brush and Pencil tools for fluid drawing and sketching
- Essential collection of shape tools (with customization options)
- Multiple Layers allowing you to create complex designs
- Powerful Pen tool for creating custom shapes

Express your artistic side with easy to use painting and drawing tools that work just like the real thing! ArtRage takes the award winning technology of the desktop version and packages it into a creative experience tailor-made for your iPad. Explore a powerful and intuitive painting simulation that lets users of all levels work with a wide range of natural painting and sketching tools.

ArtRage keeps track of how much paint is on your canvas, so you can blend colors under the brush as you paint, or lay down thick lines of pigment for flattening and smearing with the Palette Knife. Watercolors react to the wetness of the brush and paper beneath, creating hard edged wet strokes or blending to create soft gradients. Canvas grain affects the look of your strokes, and drier pigments break up on the surface to create textured effects.

By taking care of the complex properties of the tools for you, ArtRage lets you get right down to expressing yourself without needing to learn settings or image processing techniques.

Add Layers to your painting to work on individual elements without damaging others. ArtRage supports a wide range of industry standard Blend Modes and lets you manipulate objects on each layer, scaling moving and rotating them.

Draw Board

Blackboard Lite
Sketches and writes in chalk on a blackboard.
- Learn to write your children, show him writing each letter, shake the iphone and it is his turn. You can then quickly teach him how to write all the letters of the alphabet and how to chain several letters.
- Your child has difficulty understanding simple operations? Nothing easier: Have him count the little stars that you draw, delete or add stars to deal with additions and subtractions, then let your imagination run free.
MediaSlate- The exquisite way of presenting your projects
MediaSlate is an interesting Business app that converts your iPad into an interactive whiteboard with its spectacular layout and embedded features. Display the board screen on a multimedia projector while you work. Take notes, give presentations or play board games with your colleagues. A perfect substitute of a whiteboard and notepad. You can make your meetings more productive by making use of this app where you can select any photo from your library and display to your colleagues and other officials. At the same time you can also label there and then to demonstrate to your staff. With Media’s Slate improved user experience and striking features you can consummate your business in the best way.

padBoard is a collaborative whiteboarding application that turns your iPad into a virtual whiteboard. padBoard allows you to collaborate with other users - on their own iPads - as you all collectively edit a document in real time.

Let padBoard be your canvas for brainstorms, drawings, notes, ideas and more!
Whiteboard Free allows you to easily sketch pictures and ideas and share them. Try it with a friend with our bluetooth support! This is the free version of Whiteboard Pro.
weDraw Pro
weDraw Pro is a tool for collaborative sketching and drawing. In addition to all the features of Lite version, it lets you save your drawings in vector format, and to send the vector-format drawings to other weDraw users.

Key Features:

  • Pictures, text, and freeform drawing on multiple pages that you may share via Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth.
  • Your drawing is more than just an image file: you may edit every element that you have placed in a document.
  • The pages have no limits, which means you will always have enough space to express your ideas.
  • External screen support via iPad VGA connector.
  • Unlimited undo/redo.
Chalk for iPAD
Chalk is a simple drawing application that you will always enjoy playing with. All you need to do to start chalking is drag your finger around the screen. To erase your work, simply double tap.


Colors-Choose what color you would like to draw with. In addition to white we have added yellow, red and blue.

The chalkboard that had handled everyone was made iPad application program once.
The disagreeable noise is reproduced making the sound of that chalk and the fingernail a simple function.

Use Bluetooth Shareing!

■Upload pictures List
use twitter & twitpic.see all the pictures.

■Rate the upload pictures.
see the picure Ranking. you can attach stars for users.

■Email picture.
You can attach it to an email.

One painting in the iPad all enjoy writing letters.
Multiple people can iPad piled around a drawing!
With one hand you erase, eraser feel that revives!


Chalkboard by Booom!
Doodle, Sketch and Play on your Chalkboard!

- Animated transitions
- Export your artwork
- Save artwork
- Multiple coloured brushes
- Multiple brush sizes
- Custom styled menu Icons
- Smudge effect
- 3 and 4 fingers gestures
- Simple UI
- "Does what it says on the board."

Sgraffito is an artistic technique that is traditionally applied to ceramics and plaster. Sgraffito usually involves scratching off a layer of paint on the ceramics or painting, revealing the colour.

This technique is the same as used by children in school, typically with oil based pastel and black paint. To anyone who has done this, Sgraffito replicates a similar experience.
The app allows for RGB colour selection and preview, and variable brush width. These settings are easily changed by tapping the bottom right-hand corner once.

Shake to undo, or use the Clear Canvas button in the preferences page. Black and White colour presets are also provided, and textures are also available. A texture can be loaded with the its corresponding preview button, and when in use, sits behind the black screen to be 'scratched' away.

To save your drawing to the camera roll, just tap the camera export icon in the lower left corner of the canvas. (icons are not included in the screenshot.)

Sgraffito has loads of cool features, some include:
- Texture drawing
- native iOS4 multitasking
- Retina Display capable
- Universal Application
- TVOut mirroring on iPad running OS4.2 or higher
- VoiceOver is fully supported.
- Supports 5 multi-touches on iPhone/iPod and up to 11 on iPad (at once)
Fingerpaint Lite 2.0
Our KID-FRIENDLY interface ensures that your young one will enjoy clutter-free coloring for hours!

GLOW COLORING on black surfaces has now been enhanced, and CONVENTIONAL COLORING on a white surface has been added. DOUBLE your fun with our new FLIP MODE.

SAVE YOUR PICTURES to the camera roll, or EMAIL TO A FRIEND.
Free until summer 2011
Flipboom Lite
FlipBook and FlipBook Lite are the #1 animation apps for your iPhone, with well over 2 million downloads! Easily make your doodles come to life and share them with your friends. FlipBook has everything you need to get started animating, from an eraser to onion skinning (which lets you see a faint image of the previous and next frames) to layered drawing. Load images from your photo library, including images taken with your iPhone's camera, and draw on top of them. If you make a mistake, just touch Undo. Touch Play when you're ready to see how your movie looks. Share your movie by uploading it to flipbook.tv so that everyone can see it. FlipBook puts animation into your hands.

Infinite Whiteboard Free
Sometimes it is possible to do more with less. Infinite Whiteboard is a super minimalistic drawing and collaboration program with a very powerful ability: an infinite drawing canvas.

Never let the size of the page get in the way of your ideas. Infinite Whiteboard’s drawing area extends forever in every direction.* You can use the two finger panning gesture to move around your whiteboard, or jump to previously saved locations using bookmarks.

Infinite Whiteboard’s drawing is smooth and fast, while maintaining the precision necessary for detailed sketches. You can also zoom in and out using the two finger pinching gesture.

Infinite Whiteboard Supports The Following Functions:
-Draw on a whiteboard of infinite size
-Save locations on the whiteboard using bookmarks
-Email portions of the whiteboard as images
-Change pen color
-Change pen size

A sketch (ultimately from Greek σχέδιος - schedios, "done extempore") is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not intended as a finished work. A sketch may serve a number of purpose: it might record something that the artist sees, it might record or develop an idea for later use or it might be used as a quick way of graphically demonstrating an image, idea or principal. Sketching is generally a prescribed part of the studies of art students.

Doodle Pad
Use Doodle Pad to paint, to make fun on your photos, to illustrate ideas. The well-designed tools help you draw wonderful images at your finger touches, and let you share your paintings through email and Facebook! Features include:

- 40,000 color picker
- Add your own photos, and doodle on them
- 50 different brush sizes
- A magic eraser
- Redo and Undo, which improves your productivity
- Clear the entire canvas
- Save your painting to the Photo Album
- Send your work to your friends
- Upload the paintings to Facebook, and show the world your works!

Draw Free
Draw Free for iPad lets you create superb doodles.

Create your master piece using a variety of useful features:

- use an intuitive and simple interface
- draw with any color selected from an unlimited variety of colors in the color picker
- choose from a defined subset of colors or colors you previously used
- enhance your drawing by picking your background as a style, or solid or choose your own from your photo library
- undo and redo buttons to help you fix your missteps
- fine-tune your drawing with a changeable thickness eraser
- draw lines, curves, and points with a realistic rounded brush
Wet Paint
Wet Paint is a multi-touch painting application for iOS. Your artwork will be saved after 2 seconds of inactivity and will automatically be loaded up the next time you start the app. Use the color selector to choose from thousands of unique color codes.

Abobe Eazel
Your iPad is the canvas, your fingertip is the brush. Create beautiful paintings and instantly access them in Photoshop CS5.

With Adobe Eazel —a Photoshop Touch app for Adobe Photoshop CS5 software (version 12.0.4 or later required)— you can now use your iPad and your fingertips to create beautiful paintings. Get amazing color blends thanks to a painting technology that offers a new kind of interaction between “wet” and “dry” paint. Enjoy a unique user interface that lets you paint across the entire expanse of your iPad screen and easily access the tools you want.

Paint beautiful works of art using just your fingertips.
•Mix “wet” and “dry” paint to create rich, realistic color blends. Breakthrough technology allows digital paint to “dry” over time.
•Paint more freely using the entire iPad screen. Controls for changing color, opacity, brush size, and other settings appear only when you place all five fingers on the screen.
•Send your paintings directly to Photoshop CS5, where they’ll be re-rendered at a higher resolution and can be saved in any file format you choose. (Photoshop CS5 must be open, and a network connection between your iPad and computer is required.)
•Save paintings to your iPad Photos app, and then email them as JPEG files.