Dr. Heather Davis / Nathan Stevens EDP 370 iPAD Project

The iPAD will be used to collect data from the site you are assigned to. You will be able to access the class Moodle site to view course materials. The iPADs will be used for collaboration between students and for presentations. These iPADs are WiFi only. They have been preloaded with app that you will need for this course. The iPAD comes with a tote bag, bump case, power cord, and keyboard dock. The iPAD has been preloaded with five apps to be used in during the course. Please do not sync the iPAD to a computer. iTunes will remove the pre-loaded apps from your iPAD.

headernav_overview20100901.png iTunes

An iTunes account is needed to operate an iPAD. If you do not have an iTunes account, you will need to create one on the iPAD through the App store app or through . We would like the class to explore uses of apps outside of what is already installed on the iPAD. If you want to install apps to the ipad you can change the iTunes account username and password to your own and then buy apps. (If you purchased paid apps, you are responsible for paying for them.) Since the apps are under your username, they are yours if you ever purchase an Apple iDevice.

How to install iTunes video:

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Notes about setting up NCSU Gmail email:
In the first group, we had trouble setting up the NCSU Gmail accounts. To add an email account, press the "Settings" app.
Select the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" in the left column.
Tap on "Add Account" and select "Other." Press "Add Mail Account."
Enter your Unity email address including ( Click on the "Save" button.
Type in the the following information for the incoming server: Hostname is "" (do not include parentheses), Username is your NCSU email address

I have more to add to this. Stay tuned.

Apps Pre-installed on the iPAD:
Forms is a client of Google Forms (Google Docs). The Form you created on your PC can be viewed in the most suitable layout for iPad.
Google Forms(Google Docs) is a service with which you can create forms online. You can use it as soon as you create a Google Account for free. Please see for more details.

Forms supports offline. You can use the forms downloaded beforehand where you cannot connect to the Internet. Responses you collect offline will be saved on Forms so you can upload them to Google Docs when you are online.
Note: This function will work only on forms with single pages. When forms are offline, the theme is always limited to Plain.
Share Board
Share Board allows up to 4 users to connect simultaneously via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to create, innovate, draw, share pictures, play games or just have fun—and Share Board is inter-compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
Share Board includes multiple drawing tools (Pen, Marker, Highligher), editing and scaling features, session save and log, the ability to upload and edit photos and text and features to share any session via email or Facebook. Assign session names and icons. Even connect your iPad to a projector to display your work for presentations.
Use Share Board to share thoughts and ideas during meetings, conferences or tradeshows. Upload pictures, add texts and share them on Facebook.
The best and most functional native iOS app for Moodle with support for all standard Moodle modules. mTouch+ is for students and requires no server side tweaking or installation, you can begin using mTouch+ right away.

mTouch+ provides iOS optimized view of your Moodle site for the following operations

- List enrolled courses
- View topics of a selected course
- View course assignments, edit your submissions and upload files
- View forums and post to forums
- View upcoming events, add event to calendar
- View course glossaries, add entries to glossaries and comment on glossary entries
- Display and download resources
- Join course chats
- List quizzes and see your quiz attempt reviews
- View your grades for all courses and inspect grading details for a selected course
Power Presenter
This application will project the web, whiteboard, or PDF using the Apple iPAD VGA connector.

Noterize allows you to view and annotate any available PDF or PowerPoint document. The built-in web browser enables direct importing of files from the web (including university and corporate sites), while integration with and Dropbox makes transferring documents between your computer and iPad as simple as can be. Once your documents are in Noterize, use the PDF search functionality to quickly find what you are looking for.
QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite

Dinosaur Discovery

ABC Jungle HD

Extreme Monster #1 The Blue Moon Effect

Time to Learn


A Life Cycle


Atlas HD - Map Collection

Ana Lomba's 3 Little Pigs

Newton's Law

Splish Splash Inn HD

Fraction's App

Math Adventures Number Find

Pizza Fraction: Beginning

Math Adventures - Number Find

iTalk Recorder Premium


Music House Lite

Coin Math

Savings and Goals


Stack the Countries

How to use apps to are Pre-installed:

Forms: Forms gives access to Google Doc forms to collect data. The app allows the survey to be collected on or off line.

Share board: Shared board connects for 4 ipads together that shares whiteboard space. Each iPAD receives its own color pen. The app connects through bluetooth.

mTouch+: mTouch+ allows students to access through the Moodle when connected to a WiFi connection. Files can downloaded into the app to to be viewed offline.

Power Presenter: Power Presenter is a projection app that can display what is shown through a projector. Students can display the web (non-flash), whiteboard, and PDF s.

Noterize: Noterize gives the user the same functions of Adobe Acrobat Reader when adding highlighting the text, comment notes, and other features. Noterize can pulls pdf notes from the class Dropbox account and be saved to the device.

Setting up Noterize
1. Open the app.
2. Press the "Import" button
3. Press the "Dropbox" button
5. Enter in the EDP370 username and password

You will need to download a few other apps on your own. All these apps are free. We want you all to have the experience of downloading apps to the device.

Dropbox shares and sync file online to multiple computers.
Evernote turns your iPAD into an extension of your brain, helping you to remember anything. From Notes to Snapshots to recordings, put it all into Evernote. Evernote will synchronize with a server to allow you to have access on any type of device.
MyScratchWork allows you to take notes and browse the web while having the two side by side to avoid back and forth flipping. It also provides a custom math keyboard.
With My Scratch Work You Can Easily
-Take notes and browse the web side by side
-Take notes in full screen
-Browse the web in full screen
-Email your note as a PDF or plain text
-Save Notes with its corresponding web pages
-Input math and logic characters using the custom keyboard provided
-Delete notes by swiping on it in the notes menu while it is unopened
MultiG is specifically designed for people to access Gmail and other Google applications.