Digital music has come a long way since their initial tries on smaller portable devices. Music apps can be more than playing an song that was loaded from iTunes. Music apps can range from instruments to music sheets. Audio recording can be included in this category. The instrument apps have a realistic sound that could be substituted for a real instrument.


Air Guitar
Play and strum actual chords with Air Guitar ™ HD from JIRBO! • Play your iPad like a real guitar!
• Genuine, acoustic guitar sound samples!

Classical Guitar
Play a virtual classical / nylon guitar on your iPad. Experience the smooth and sweet sounding of a nylon stringed guitar. Quite responsive and very easy to play than a real one. Best of all, it is FREE!


- Realistic strumming actions
- Realistic string vibration
- Configurable chord sets
- 3 different playing modes: top, side, and fretboard
- Sized proportionally to a real classical guitar
- Support for left-handers
- Capo
iBanjo offers you the easiest way to play a 12 fret Banjo right on your iPad. Every single note is recorded absolutly clear and sounds just perfect!

With iBanjo you can practice everywhere to find the right notes on the fretboard. Play to your iPod Library, or play free on the go. You’ll never miss the Banjo anymore!

Screen Shot 2012-07-05 at 12.21.11 PM.png
Banjo HD
  • HQ authentic banjo sounds
  • HD graphics
  • Metronome
  • 3 different modes
  • Banjo
  • Zoom
  • Notes
  • Easy controls
Screen Shot 2012-07-05 at 12.14.46 PM.png
Guitar Free with Songs
Free guitar with real strumming and fretting; also allows learning songs on it. Features include multitouch, chords, damping and vibrato, open hammer, pull off, string tuning, 4-8 string support, adjustable metronome, resizable frets and strings, and more.
BaDaBing is a free, zero latency drum kit simulator for your iPad. True multi touch control and realistic animations make it fun. Crank out some tight beats or just go nuts. Just selected "New and Noteworthy" Thanks Apple!
■10 cymbals (rides and crashes)
■5 toms (multi tones)

DrumBrother X
Drums + Story = Awesome!

BeatPad Lite
- Universal App Installs on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch!
- Professional Sound Banks used by Real Producers
- Dual-Channel Music Sequencing
- Type and Save Your Lyrics to Each Track
- Easy to use interface..
Piano DX
Piano DX is the best piano app available for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It has more features than any other piano app, many of which are available no where else. It is a full 88 key piano with every option you could ever want including multitouch, rich sound, adjustable metronome, sustain pedal, double row keyboard, retina display graphics and much much more. Best of all, the piano and all of its features are completely FREE!

Piano DX is the only piano designed specifically for you. It is designed for your fingers, your ears, and your eyes. You choose the piano key sizes to exactly fit your fingers, you choose the piano sound best for your ears, and you choose the colors most pleasing to your eyes.

Looking for a realistic drum playing application for iPad? Want to arrange drum components in a big screen as you like? Want sliding and playing functions with great responsiveness? Meeting above needs all at the same time? Here is a perfect solution for your ideal drum. Drum Meister Grand will provide you with realistic drum playing environment at your fingertips.

Fun Piano

iXylophone lets you listen to or play this beloved, classic instrument wherever you go. The full version of iXylophone now offers over 75 songs, including songs from France, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Spain. The full version also provides repeat and shuffle playback controls, giving you a complete international music playlist for the price of one song!

Celtic Harp Free
Here is your chance to play a beautiful, expressive 8-string folk harp!
(Please note that the paid version has 31 strings!)

You can pluck strings just by touching the screen with one more fingers, or
you can slide your finger(s) across the screen to make a glissando sound.

This is a real instrument - and you can really make music with it!
You don't get just one sound per string, but you get 4 or 5 beautiful sounds per string,
all played on a real harp. If you play at the bottom of the strings, the harp will
be soft and delicate, and if you play at the top of the strings, the harp will pack
more punch. Play in between those two extremes for different loudness. You can
get a lot of variety.

Jampad is a music maker. You can play 4 instruments at once: piano, rhythm guitar, electric guitar, and drum kit. There over 100 beats and 6 kits to choose from.

Pocket Shaker
Make sure your power button on the iPhone is facing upwards. Shake with your wrist for best results. Play your music then open up iShaker to shake along to it!

Shake along with your iPod music!
  • Also tap the screen to play it!
  • 10 percussion instruments
  • Precise shaking recognition
  • Realistic sounds
  • Images of the instruments

Air Harp
Air Harp, re-imagines the classic lap harp for the iPad platform. Designed above all to be fun and easy to play, the Air Harp offers a delightful musical experience for people of all ages. Strum and pluck the strings for a lovely sound.

Anyone can make beautiful music with the Air Harp! Play your favorite tunes by ear, or choose popular songs to play and sing along to from an interactive sheet music library.
The Air Harp includes 2 octaves (15 strings)
of gorgeous, high-quality harp tones in G Major.
Xylophone! HD
Did you ever play the xylophone when you we're a child? This app will bring back those wonderful memories and will be fun for those of all ages! Just tap away to hear those sounds we all love to hear!

Scratch LP
Scratch LP is a simple, fun, and addictive iPhone/iPod Touch/iPAD turntable and record Scratcher. With Scratch LP you can scratch over your favorite tunes from your iPhone/iPod music library or over some of the funk and beat tunes inside Scratch LP.

DigiDrummer HD Lite
DigiDummer makes it easy and fun to play drums on your iPAD. There are three drum setting: Classic, DD-808 ( that contains Cowbell clap, other cymbals), and Bongos. It has a record, an playback feature.

Percussive Free
Percussive Free demonstrates the beautiful sounds and visual attributes of this wonderfully designed application. The Free version includes the Xylophone, showcasing two different mallet options along with two octave options. Sample our Xylophone and see what Percussive Full has to offer.


  • Xylophone - (2) Octaves and Hard and Soft Mallet via touch select
Turns your iPad into a Caribbean steelpan drum. It's a fully mapped chromatic Tenor steelpan. If you miss a note region, a miss strike sound will be played. It can also teach you how to play a song with an interactive game, just follow the mole! More songs, tunings and other steelpans to come.

Works of course by touch, but you can learn how to make some drumsticks for this app too:

GrooveMaker Free
GrooveMaker gives you a completely new way of making music by automatically remixing the hundreds of loops included on the 8 available tracks, in virtually limitless ways for millions of different grooves at your fingertips.

With GrooveMaker, you can create professional full-length tracks, grooves and beats for your music compositions, ambient soundtracks, movie scores and even dance parties or workouts — wherever you need to groove. And it’s so easy to learn, you’ll be creating the grooves of your friends’ envy in minutes.

iCongas Lite
Play your iPhone and iPod Touch like a real Pro! Download now iCongas Lite, plug your headphones or hi-fi, and make your own music, even playing on top of your iTunes favourites songs!

Show your friends how much iCongas looks like a real music instrument .Virtually no delay between touch and playback and high-quality 16Bit sounds for these 3 Congas (Quinto, Conga, Tumbadora) that you can play with the traditional Conguero's tecnique: The Tumbao!!!

Metal Guitar

-Great HD Pictures
- Best Animation
- Amazing Sound Quality
- Easy Controls
- Easy to learn how to play
- Touch Friendly


- Metronome
- Volume Adjuster
- 4-In-1 Metal Guitar App!
Want to rock the guitar? Anytime, Anywhere?
Or wish you could play the guitar but never learned?
You can do all this and more with iAmGuitar by savageapps!

First, choose between a six string, a twelve string, and an electric guitar. Then choose the key you want to play in (the chords you want to play). And that's it! Now you can rock the party!

To get that real guitar feel we included Easy Keys and Velocity Strumming. Easily switch between chords with the tap of a button. Strum or pick strings individually. Strum or tap in the center of the device for full volume, and at the edge of the device for quieter notes.

Yes, you can actually play real songs, or write your own! A must have for the singer song-writer--just use headphones and explore your inspirations anywhere, anytime!

Guitar Free with Songs

Graphical Music 2
The general concept remains: you draw a picture on your iOS device and the app plays music according to what you've drawn.

+ drawing is improved by new shapes and slight adjustments
+ the playing method has been remade and now plays more accurately and recognizable on different devices
+ the color of your drawing can now be chosen among the spectral colors and it replaces the settings of volume, happiness and speed
+ 20 instruments are included (e.g. harp, ocarina, shamisen, organ)


Music Reading

Music Notes
Exercise note recognition skill. Our games are very simple but on the other hand very efficient in developing certain skill. This game helps you and your child(ren) to recognize music notes as they appear in the music realm.

In "train" mode you as always in our apps get a hint in the case that you are stuck in recognizing notes. We could also name it "learning" mode.

In "play" mode you have 60 seconds for recognizing as many notes as possible. Try to beat world record to be the champion in note recognition.

Notable - Learn Sheet Music
Notable - The ultimate learning tool for sheet music and notes!

- Includes multiple clefs so that you can learn to read whatever comes your way
- Statistics showing you how well you know each note and chord!
- High quality sounds for every note!
- Choose which clefs and chords to practice!
- Shows you the right answer if you are wrong!
- Challenge your friends to get the best score!
- Shows and plays the notes as you go!


Music Keys
This game is focused on recognizing keys on piano keyboard related to tone names. It will teach you where you can locate for example tone C on a piano keyboard. We use colors to let children and people freely explore music realm. No matter how old you are, this music game is designed to help you to be completely fluent in reading music tones on a piano keyboard. All our simple music games are designed and created because of our children told us they need them. Hopefully it will also help you and your children.


You hear and see a tone and your task is to locate this tone on a piano keyboard. If you do not know what kind of tone it is wait a moment and the appropriate key will start to blink in a color that corresponds to your tone.


Play Mode is in every our application a challenge. So you have 60 seconds for recognizing as many tones as possible. World Record is real challenge so we invite you to give your best try and measure your tone/keyboard reading skills with the World Record.


Music Cubes
The most simple educational music game on App Store. Just listen to the cubes and repeat the sequence of notes back. It starts with one note and after that is your turn. In the next round you hear the same first note plus one new. Your turn is to play those notes back. And guess what! In the third round you hear the same two notes plus one new.


In the "Train Mode" you hear and see the tone sequence so you involve two senses in order to memorize the music cubes tone sequence.

In the "Play Mode" you just hear the tone sequence so you involve just one sense in order to memorize the music cubes tone sequence. It's a bit more difficult but this is the mode where you can really develop your ear. Not only you will soon hear all the tones but you will develop absolute pitch hearing as well. The "World Record" and your "Best Result" is stored only in "Play Mode". So take a deep breath, be patient and if you need train as long as you need in order to hear in "Play Mode" a music cubes tone sequence completely fluently.

Note Goal Lite
You're a piano beginner? Looking for apps to help you on practicing reading notes? Note Goal is definitely what you need.

With a wide range of level control, Note Goal is not only an interesting game for experienced piano players, but is also a good tutor for beginners. It certainly can help you learn and practice music notes effectively on your iPad or iPhone.
- Teaching Mode: Hitting a key shows its note and pitch name.
- Adjustable range lets you practice particular notes intensively.
- 15 scales for treble and bass respectively.
- 3 Help modes. A Tutor mode for beginners.
- While practicing, colors can be applied as a hint for the correct keys. This is especially helpful for beginners and kids.
PianoScores Free

The sonatanote is your new music sheet. The app includes a metronome to control tempo.

Virtual Sheet Music
The Virtual Sheet Music application allows iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners to browse, search and discover the Virtual Sheet Music catalog. Users can stay updated with the latest music additions, as well as listen to thousands of Mp3 audio files inside every item description page. Convenient reminders and instructions to download the music for any browsed item can be sent via email by attaching the first page in PDF file format.

Musicnotes Sheet Music Viewer customers, stop lugging around stacks of sheet music. Access your sheet music library on your iPad instead! Just download this free app, link it to your existing account and we'll instantly import all of your iPad compatible sheet music files* so you can display them on your iPad. Or, if you're new to, try one of the five free sheet music selections included with the app.