I am looking at the iPAD box, what should I do first?

First item of business is to open the box. The box contains the iPAD, an USB cord, Apple documentation, and an USB power brick. The iPAD should have some power on the unit. Connect the USB cable to the computer and to the iPAD. (The computer will not charge the iPAD.)iTunes will start to sync with the iPAD. (If iTunes is not installed click on this link to download it.) You will need an iTunes account to setup and use the iPAD. Here are the steps to setup your iPAD using itunes:

1. The welcome page will first appear when the iPAD is selected. Click on the "Continue" button. The next screen will be the license agreement. Check the checkbox below the license agreement. The Continue button will become active. Click on the "Continue" button.

2. The following screen asks for your iTunes login. If you do not have and iTunes account, click on the "I do not have an Apple ID" radial button and click on the "Continue" button. The next screen will show your information that is linked to your Apple ID. Click on the "Continue" button. The subsequent screen is an ad for Mobileme. If you do not not wish to have a trial Mobileme account, click on the "No Thanks" button.

3. The following screen asks if this is a new iPAD or if it is going to be loaded from a backup create from a previous sync. Select the option that is to be installed and click on the "Continue" button. (For this tutorial, a new installation will be selected.) In the Name textbox, enter in a name for the device. To speed up the setup of the device, uncheck the Automatically sync songs to iPAD. Songs can be added at a later time. Select the "Done" button.

4. iTunes will start to setup the device. The setup should last a couple minutes.

5. iTunes will begin to load any programs that you may have previously purchased on to the iPAD.

Video about setting up the iPAD: