iPhone configuration utility

The iPhone Configuration Utility (ICU) is a tool from Apple that allows you to configure and manage your iOS devices including iPads. The tool is broken down into two parts.


When you connect a device to the computer running ICU it automatically collects information about the device. This information is maintained in a list so you can always see all of the devices you control. You can export this information in XML files. The biggest thing that the export lacks is the ability to export a spreadsheet with all of your devices.


The more powerful part of the ICU is the ability to install policies on each of your devices. You can configure many of the basic settings like WiFi, email and VPN as well as restrictions to the app store and in app purchases. The nice thing about policies is that you can stack them. You can make one policy for WiFi that goes on all machines and a no app purchase policy that just goes on a few.

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